Hello To Cupcakes!

Welcome to Penny’s Cupcakes, the latest and most exciting homemade cupcake making company in Kent.
Made with lots of sugar and a whole lot of love, Penny’s Cupcakes produces the most beautiful and delicious homemade cupcakes around. We bake our small batches of tasty cupcakes using only the freshest and finest ingredients.

So, whatever it is you’re craving, one of our scrumptious vanilla cupcakes topped with lashings of colourful, elaborately piped sweet buttercream or one of our irresistible double chocolate delights, we are confident you will enjoy each and every one of our treats, right down to the very last crumb.

Penny: “My Story”

Simply put, I am obsessed with baking. It’s no secret to the people who know me; I adore cupcakes and HiRes-invertedcan’t get enough of those chocolate sprinkles, sweet icings and my own special recipe buttercream. Nothing beats the taste of a moist, fresh sponge cake topped with swirls of rosy pink frosting; especially when it’s accompanied with a nice cup of tea!
If I have to thank anyone for my love of all things sweet, it has to be my mum. I remember as a child, never did a meal time pass by without her bringing out the all-important “afters” at dinner time; never did a birthday go by without a lovely decorated cake taking centre stage on our table! My mum made lovely cakes and when she did I was right there with her, helping every step of the way! Her handmade sugar flowers and tiny intricate marzipan figures could be found all over the kitchen, strategically nestled away just out of me and my brothers reach! My fondest childhood memory was our house’s wonderfull smell, of mum’s cakes!
If my mum’s passion for cakes hadn’t rubbed off on me, something would have been seriously wrong. So, here we are, all these years later, and I’m completely and utterly obsessed about cake, especially cupcakes.
Then, in 2009, much to the satisfaction of all my friends and family I started Penny’s Cupcakes, for one simple reason, to share my love of cake with them all. And now today, with the launch of my new website, I can share my passion for baking with you too.
Penny xx