Any Other Flavour’s on Request

Lemon Meringue:
Lemon sponge, lemon curd filling & topped with meringue!
Banana sponge, caramel filling, vanilla frosting & topped with banana chips!
Chocolate Mint:
Chocolate & mint sponge swirl with chocolate & mint frosting & topped with mint chocolates!
Chocolate Orange:
Chocolate sponge, orange curd filling, chocolate orange frosting & topped with a chocolate orange piece!
Mocha Choca:
Coffee & chocolate swirl sponge, coffee & chocolate swirl frosting & topped  with chocolate & coffee beans!
Ebony & Ivory:
Chocolate & vanilla sponge swirl, vanilla & chocolate swirl frosting & decorated with one chunk of white chocolate and one chunk of milk chocolate!
Chocolate Oreo:
Chocolate Oreo sponge, Oreo frosting & decorated with a mini Oreo!
Peanut & Jam:
Vanilla sponge with a strawberry jam filling & topped with peanut frosting & decorated with peanut M & M’s!

Protein Cupcake:

Vanilla “half the fat” sponge with 10g of whey protein, topped with vanilla frosting & decorated with a moulded six pack!


The following prices are for the cakes as described above.
My cupcakes come in 3 sizes:              
Mini:                £0.90p each
Cupcake:           £1.70p each
Giant:               £28.00 each